Data Wiping

Data Wiping


Data wiping/sanitization services are available. Have your data securely, and safely erased.

  • Desktop Computer Drives – Completely blanked
  • Laptop Drives – All data is sanitized

If your drives are able to be powered up they are able to be wiped.

If you format your drive your data is still recoverable! Get it wiped by us.

We use a very secure environment and private process. In fact, we do not use a software program like most other companies. We employ a sophisticated operating system solely dedicated to sanitizing all data that is on your drives.

Your data is never accessed by us. It keeps your privacy at the highest level possible and protects us from privacy breaches/complaints as well.

If you are giving your PC to a friend or selling your older hard drives online, be careful. If that device is not properly sanitized it could still contain your private information.

We aim to provide our clients with the best service in Qualicum Beach, Parksville, and general Oceanside area!

We meet or often exceed compliance with PIPEDA legislation. Hard drives are wiped using a 3 layer wipe with an additional blanking pass and then a final verification pass.  You will also receive a secure pdf report of all details for each individual drive. If errors are reported during the process (example: the drive itself fails mechanically), you will be informed.


Please understand that if you move forward with this service with us and the drive reports no errors. Everything is gone. All partitions, any OS, any pictures, all music, etc….

Everything is wiped. You can not change your mind once we begin the process. Please understand this.


At every stage of the repair process we will contact you if needed.

Data wiping services require a non-refundable assessment fee of $40 CAD which will be applied towards your final bill. This assessment fee is paid prior to pickup of your device.

If device/drive is found to be able to be wiped (powered and connected), we will contact you with our findings and see if you would like to continue the process. Some drives are dead and require major servicing which we do not provide. Reminder, some drives do fail during the wiping process mechanically because it is an intense workout for the drive to put it mildly.

Depending on size of drive being wiped, minimum charge for service per drive/device is $40 CAD total.

We are capable of doing large quantities of hard drives, SATA or SAS, within a reasonable timeframe. Contact us today.